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Pedestrian Tours in Different Urban Forms: Evidence from Smartphone Data PDF (English)
Xiaomeng Xu, Jeffrey Casello
Promoting Pedestrians in a Real-World Laboratory: GO Karlsruhe PDF (English)
Elke Haeussler
Analysis of the Quality of Bike Lanes of the Municipality of Balneário Camboriú, SC - Brazil PDF (English)
Alexandre Prazeres, Marina G. Jerônimo, Patrícia T. Colzani, Raquel M. Louzada, Raquel S. Claudino
Noise Assessment of Railway Innovations PDF (English)
Svenja Hainz, Siv Leth, Elodie Vannier, Rüdiger Garburg, Dennis Fast
Technical Overview of Inductive Charging for Electric Buses in Europe PDF (English)
Swenja Sawilla, Oskar Schütt
Evaluating the Safety and Emissions Impact of Converting One-Way-Stop Intersections to All-Way-Stop Intersections PDF (English)
Molly Behan, Luis Miranda-Moreno, Bismarck Ledezma-Navarro
Digitalisation in Infrastructure Management through BIM-based data models PDF (English)
Manuel Niever, Markus Stöckner
Urban Mobility and IOT: Smart Solutions for Sustainability PDF (English)
Hannelore Nehring, Julhiano Glanert de Castro, Paulo Raimundi
Augmented reality in favor of alternative urban mobility development PDF (English)
Jeffersson Semin, Raphael Braun Graeff, Hannelore Nehring
Networking Road Users to Increase Traffic Safety through Collision Avoidance using Smartphones PDF (English)
Waldemar Titov, Thomas Schlegel
Surveying and analysing peoples’ perception of the new bike-sharing system in Wiesbaden PDF (English)
Hauke Reckermann, Rafael Kistner, Matthias Kowald, Till Dannewald, André Bruns

Extended Abstracts

Video analysis of traffic conflicts on flooded roads PDF (English)
Jonas Fesser
A Context Aware Evaluation Tool for Individual Mobility PDF (English)
Mathias Trefzger, Waldemar Titov, Christine Keller, Felix Böhm, Thomas Schlegel
Methodology for qualitative assessment of the passenger information in public transportation systems PDF (English)
Stanislav Metelka, Waldemar Titov, Thomas Schlegel
Determining the Impact of different Traffic Regulations at Two-Lane Roundabouts on Capacity using Microscopic Traffic Simulation PDF (English)
Jan Wachsmann
Determination of CO2 Emissions using the Example of a specific Road Maintenance Measure PDF (English)
Amina Brzuska
“Smart Mobility Baden-Württemberg”: Autonomous Driving – Opportunities and Risks (AutoRICH) PDF (English)
Tim Reuber