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Augmented reality in favor of alternative urban mobility development
Jeffersson Semin, Raphael Braun Graeff, Hannelore Nehring

Last modified: 2019-07-19


With the increase of the population, impacts are visible in many situations of certain areas, such as in urban mobility. Problems arising from unsustainable automobile means, and their continued use. Therefore, the constant need of updating and social development is essential. The solution is presented as a proposal to encourage people to get around in an alternative way, with the principle of operating with its main protagonist, an application, that will interact with specific points located in the city through a smart card, which will be identified through image recognition, devoid of augmented reality, it will result in a bonus for the user arriving at the place and interacting with the image using the device. A bonus that rebounds a considerable impact that cities with great urban flow have, besides stimulating tourism with the novelty of augmented reality, interact with images, informational videos and promotional tickets, which provide the opportunity to be remunerated for the initiative of having used an alternative way of sustainable mobility. Based on this principle, high propagation must reach several points, some of them being the increase of the alternative flow, the expansion of the infrastructure and the consciousness of the people involved, which is indispensable. With a socio environmental vision, we seek to motivate and initiate changes to, consequently, get the communities attention in mobility issues and carry out projects related to the cities infrastructure.

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