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Digitalisation in Infrastructure Management through BIM-based data models
Manuel Niever, Markus Stöckner

Last modified: 2019-07-19


Modern and comprehensive methods of maintenance management are required for the operation and maintenance of the highly loaded road infrastructure in Germany. The basic prerequisite for this is the availability of the right data in a usable quality. Due to the economic importance of an efficient road infrastructure, the opportunities through digitalisation should be used by a holistic and area-wide application of Building Information Modeling (BIM). The aim is to achieve a consistent, digital exchange of information for the entire life cycle of a construction. In order to introduce BIM and the associated opportunities for maintenance management, this work focuses on process models for the maintenance management over the entire life cycle of road infrastructure. This creates a transparent representation of the future data requirements and should lead to better databases for the algorithms and calculations used by the pavement management.

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